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OFC Aviation Fuel Services SA, has been awarded by the Athens International Airport (AIA) Company, in 1998, for the design, financing, construction and operation of the receiving, storage and distribution via Hydrant Refueling System of aviation fuel facilities for a concession period of 23 years.

OFC is a consortium of Motor Oil Hellas Corinth refineries SA, Avin Oil SA, Skytanking NV and Hansaconsult GmbH. This consortium is a unique cooperation between the largest Greek private Petroleum Group of Companies and International Companies specialized in aviation fuel systems design and operations.
OFC is a state-of-the-art airport fuelling system in the European continent. With redundant automation systems to provide maximum level of reliability in the operations, an advanced automation system monitors and controls the aircraft refuelling to all Airlines, while at the same time fulfills the stringent international safety requirements, with a great respect  to operators, crew, passengers, aircrafts, with emphasis on the environmental protection.



Fuel Receipt by Pipeline 

Fuel transfer from the refineries, directly to OFC, without any intermediate storage depot
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Fuel Receipt by Trucks

5 off-loading bays and 1 loading bay, 18 parking lots for trucks and closed sampling system
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JIG Certificate of Excellence awarded to OFC for the Year 2016

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2006, OFC AVIATION FUEL SERVICES S.A. created by micronet